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Our bank will launch fast foreign currencies remittance business

2012-06-07 08:29:35


“Moneygram ” business is a kind of personal fast transmission business all over the globe, which can finish its remittance transmission from remitter to receiver within ten minutes, thus enjoying fast and convenient advantages. Recently, our bank will sign to become an agent of this business, for further improving of foreign exchange business, and providing conveniences to the customer.
The currency used in this business include USD, EUR and GBP, which have the following advantages compared to traditional T/T and D/D, firstly, it is convenient. Remitter can make remittance business only by his or her personal ID at agent outlet of "fast remittance" company(including bank, convenience store, supermarket and so on), and then tell code to the receiver. Receiver will thus get the money with his or her ID within ten minutes at the nearby agent outlet. Secondly, it enjoys low handling fees, which shall be paid by the remitter. No fee shall be borne by the receiver.
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