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Notice on Adjustment of Some Service Rules Pursuant to PBOC’s Document 261

2016-11-29 16:23:24


Dear clients, 

QRCB hereby adjusts some service rules to effectively protect your property safety and legitimate rights and interests and provide better services for you pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Notice of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) on the Issues Concerning Strengthening Payment and Settlement Management and Preventing New Crimes in the Telecommunication Network. 

1. To Strengthen Account Management 

(1) From December 1, 2016, an individual may open only one Class-I account (like a debit card or a current passbook which can be used for transfer and payment, not including a credit card) with QRCB. An individual already having one or more Class-I accounts with QRCB shall not additionally open a Class-I account.

(2) QRCB shall refuse to open an account for an enterprise included in the “List of Seriously Illegal or Discreditable Enterprises” of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System or an enterprise whose registered address does not exist or whose business place is fabricated or which falls under any other abnormal circumstance.

(3) Non-counter services will be suspended for an account opened by an entity/individual but without any transaction record within 6 months from the date of account opening. If the account holder intends to resume the services, it shall bring a valid identity certificate and valid deposit certificates to have its identity verified over QRCB’s counter.

(4) A client opening many accounts shall have its identity verified by QRCB’s outlet. If the rationality of the existence of many accounts is not acknowledged, QRCB will guide the client to cancel some accounts, restrict non-counter transactions or otherwise dispose of the accounts.

(5) If several persons use the same contact phone number, the client shall change its contact phone number with the outlet as soon as possible. If the same contact phone number for several persons is reasonable, for example, an adult opens an account for a juvenile or an elderly person and writes down its phone number, the phone number may remain unchanged after explanation in writing.

2. To Prevent New Crimes in the Telecommunication Network 

(1) From January 1, 2017, if an account is deemed by the public security authority of a municipality with districts or a municipality at a higher level as an account involved in new crimes or transaction risks, QRCB will suspend all the services for the account and all the non-counter services for the account holder’s other accounts, and notify the account holder to have its identity reverified. After the account holder receives the notice from QRCB, it shall have its identity reverified over the counter of any rural commercial bank in  Shandong Province within 3 days by showing its valid identity certificate and deposit certificates. After the identity and the account opening reason are verified, counter services for other accounts than the involved account may be resumed.

(2) If you find someone has opened an account under your name, you shall show your valid identity certificate to QRCB’s any outlet in Shandong Province and issue the statement of account opening by someone else and consent to account cancellation. QRCB will cancel the indicated account.

(3) From January 1, 2017, if an entity, individual or organizer is deemed by the public security authority of a municipality with districts or a municipality at a higher level to have leased, lent, sold or purchased a bank account (including a bank card, the same below) or payment account or if an entity or individual opens a bank account or payment account by using another’s identity or fabricating the agency relationship, QRCB will suspend non-counter services for the existing bank accounts of the entity, individual or organizer during 5 years and will not open a new account for the entity, individual or organizer within 3 years.

(4) You shall properly keep your identity certificates and accounts and shall not lease, lend, sell or purchase a bank account so as to ensure your normal banking services and avoid negative personal credit records. If QRCB finds an entity/individual uses another person’s entity to open an account, QRCB will immediately report this case to the public security authority and hand over the illegally used identity certificate to the public security authority. 

3. To Strengthen Transfer Management 

From December 1, 2016,

(1) when you apply to transfer funds via ATM to an account other than your account with QRCB, QRCB will transfer the funds to the payee 24 hours after acceptance of your application, and you may cancel the transfer at an outlet or by calling 96688 within 24 hours. 

(2) when you transfer funds via QRCB, QRCB will provide you with multiple modes (such as real-time receipt, ordinary receipt and next-day receipt) for you to choose according to your actual need.
Ordinary receipt: Initiation of remittance generally within 2 hours. 

Real-time receipt: Immediate initiation of remittance. 

Next-day receipt: Remittance on the next calendar day, not 24 hours after your application. 

All the above remittance time indications mean the time of initiation of remittances. In an interbank transaction, the receipt time also depends on the time of receipt by PBOC’s interbank clearing system and the payee’s bank. 

(3) QRCB will limit the amount of a non-counter transfer by an entity/individual. You may change the limit at QRCB’s business outlet or through the transaction channel.
Friendly reminder: In verifying the account opener’s identity, QRCB will not require the account opener to provide the password, the SMS verification code or other sensitive information for any reason, and will not require the account opener to transfer funds or conduct other funds-involved operations for any reason. 

Please pay close attention to the above changes in service rules and make arrangements in advance. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. 

This Notice is hereby issued. 

Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank 

November 29, 2016

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